How to Make Gel Candles – Have Fun and Enjoy

It really isn’t hard to learn how to make gel candles. I prefer these over wax because of their beauty. Another nice thing is that most times your gel candles will burn much longer than the traditional wax candles. Now that you decided you want to make some of these candles you should know they are very inexpensive and easy to make. Some of the items you will need are scents, wicks, gel and embeds if you so desire. One more thing is color but that is your option. Some people prefer their candles clear while others like color. There is one very important thing you need to know. It is an absolute must to use zinc wicks over the traditional cotton wicks. All this stuff can usually be bought at your local craft store.

You can choose many different holders to house your candles. I have found my best results using glass containers. I have also started experimenting with such things as wine and beer glasses. It sure looks beautiful in one of these glasses especially with the embeds put in. Embeds are basically anything that won’t burn. Chemical guys trim gel So you can use coins, nuts and bolts, fish hooks or anything your imagination allows.

So let’s continue learning how to make gel candles. You’re going to need a hot glue gun to stick the wick inside. You want to get the wick centred and you want to leave it over the container allowing you to have something to work with. Of course you will be cutting it to size later. Now you want to slice the gel into thin strips and put them into a boiler of some sort. It’s very important to get the gel heated to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s too cool the wax won’t pour properly and if it’s too hot it will wreck the gloss of the wax. For this it would really be great to use a thermometer.

If you have decided you are going to add color this is the time. Because the color will look somewhat different mixed in the wax you really want to do this slow. If you decide you want more color you can keep adding and mixing until you are satisfied. You need to however remember if you are using embeds you do want to keep the color light. When it comes to fragrance you only need to add about 5 drops per candle. You are now well on your way to learning how to make gel candles.

Now comes the real fun part of learning how to make gel candles. You will finally get to see some results. First you want to re heat the gel in the microwave for a minute. This will make it easy to pour and help get rid of the pesky air bubbles. Now you can add the embeds and just let them go wherever. They will change their positioning when you pour. Well it’s now time to pour. Once poured there are two important things that need to be done. You need to move the wick to the middle and trim and if you want the embeds moved now is the time. Just remember all of this has to be done rather quickly. You want the gel to pour as a liquid and not as clumps.

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