How to Maintain Natural Stone Tiles

Many people complain about natural stone floor tiles absorbing dirt or start developing holes after few years. This should not be counted, as a negative side to natural stone tiles as there are ways to maintain them and we must bear in mind that any natural products requires maintenance.

Once natural stone tiles are laid, there are three steps that must be done to maintain the tiles which includes filling, washing and sealing. This process must be repeated every two to five years depending on the quality of natural stone.

The first step after laying the tiles is to fill them. Natural Stone Sealer All the holes must be filled with filler of the same color. Any gap between the tiles must be grouted. You need to allow one to two days for the filler and grout to be dried.

The second step is washing. All the tiles must be washed with water and soap and they must be free of any dirt, grout or tile adhesive. After washing, you must allow the tiles to be dried for two to four weeks depending on the season. In winter, it takes more time for the tiles to be dried so it takes more time and during the summer, the tiles get dry quicker so one to two weeks would be fine.

The last step is sealing. Sealing is like applying a layer of glue on top of the tiles to protect the surface from dirt and water absorption. Sealers are quite pricy however; it is worth it to spend some money to protect your beautiful natural stone. There are different types of sealer such as invisible sealer, color enhancer sealer, deep sealer etc. Depending on your purpose you would choose the proper sealer. For example, invisible sealer does not change the character or color of your tiles while still protecting it, but color enhancer sealer will make your tiles darker and will bring the color out. Deep sealer is used for more porous natural stone such as limestone and sandstone.

This process must be repeated every couple of years depending on the type and quality of you Stone. For example, for travertine and limestone, this should be done every two to three years and for granite and marble, it could be done every four to five years. Maintenance time also depends on the traffic – for example in high traffic areas such as a food court in a big shopping center you will need more maintenance than a low traffic area such as a guest bathroom in your house. Natural stone tiles bring beauty and peace to your home so it is worth spending a little bit of extra money to maintain them.

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